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Fuck Brawl online mode >=[

There's no way in hell I'll play online again. I feel so damn sick right now.... Yeah, I got beat in two matches. One was me being Pit, and half my movement/attacks/ANYTHING didn't work. Then I was Dedede, and found slow characters turbo-ultra-mondo SUCK ASS. I'm so furious.... I think what adds the stabs into my lack of online enjoyment is seeing a text box pop up on my friend's name (like "So long n_n") and he did have some ugh-worthy items (so far, I seen cracker launcher, super scope, springboard, pitfall, bob-omb, sticky, and (suprise suprise) a Smash token). But even if I got used to the items, and got used to playing people I don't know, the whole lagging my attacks, movements, guard/roll/dodge is fucking agrivating as hell. I swear to god I loath it. I'd rather watch Eragon, in the hottest day of summer, with no swamper running, sunlight right on me, while eating onions then play Brawl online. Because I feel just as sick being so fucking mad at the game not letting me do what I tell it to do.

Nintendo, you fucking assholes. I stuck up with you for ages and still prefer your consols/games then any other. But you just don't know how the hell to do online play D= Only online games I'll play now are Pokemon Pearl, Animal Crossing WW, and if we get the Wii Animal Crossing, that. You can't fuck up Animal Crossing Wii Nintendo. You know how I know? Your damn online system is ONLY MENT for Animal Crossing. ....stupid simple online play....

You know what's sad? The first round was canceled. I was actually doing GOOD and the game didn't lag as much, but the fucking Wii said "HOLY SHIT, I'M NOT LAGGING ENOUGH! ERROR CODE 0293U092U5O P4IJT34JTVI3HR!" and locked up. It didn't turn the Wii into a Mac (like it did before on me when I tried a random play and it worked with Kris and Jeremy)... But still... Game is tolerable, it locks. Game sucks fucking balls, it works enough to piss me off.

So here I sit, still angry and sick, almost thinking if I even want to just see the damn game turned on anytime soon let alone play online >8E3
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