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Dreams update

Okay, okay.... dreams, you need to let me have some normality or at least stop making it feel like I'm playing a Quantum Leap game =U
Just a rund down of dreams I had lately...:
*was eating a delicious burrito ^^

*saw a movie preview for 'Push' (though my version didn't have all them other powers and didn't have Dakota Fanning in it)

*I chewed apart Jerri's purse. Maybe out of frustration or bordom. ....don't you damn dare laugh >8V

*I watched Mike set a school bus on fire (don't know what the hell that was about o0 ).

*and recently- Well, the house I'm in was the same, just, different.... It wasn't falling apart or anything (furnature was different too). This town and all the people were totally different too. Just, the town layout (at least the road in this area) and Shawn's house/shape was the same. Everyone I knew wasn't here, not even myself. I got the role of playing some girl (prolly same age as me) and, of coarse, don't get to have a dream of eating ice cream or relaxing... I get to have the doom dread of having the IRS (Institute for Recovered Souls) want to kill me. Sound fun, huh? For the most part, I got to have visions of some suit park a car at the corner of the street (at the end, where Talc Plz turns from Talc Rd for those who know my liveabouts), and he'd walk down the road and into the house, pulling a really shiny gun from his coat pocket. I asume he was there to kill me. I mean, I was dubbed as "a horrible soul that must be cleansed". I guess I spent like two days, seeing this vision and knowing they were going to kill me, but no one actually came... I was an artist so I got to draw stuff (and much better quality then what I can do now, moreso since I worked with chalks and inks, materials I stole from a store XD ).

Guess that is pretty much it for that dream though... Had visions, was scared for when I'd actually be confronted, and just drew. Kinda wierd that nothing did happen... Usually dreams that show impending doom and let me know things are supposed to happen, well, happens. Here, wull, I guess I was just lucky to have woken up instead of sleeping in late like I had planned...

I think I'd rather have dreams where I get to sleep, or swim with otters, or have some relaxing time at Sulphir's sauna or something then have to run from things/people, save a certian amount of people in some prison, or to figure out how to save *one* person in a cursed town (which has their own happy guards to come after me when I am there for so long).... I hate these dreams that either make no sense and are boring or feel like work X/
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