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(K) sadness

Last night, or, like, whatever, we visited Jeremy and walked up to Circle K to get some Coke for booze (or, whatever). We all traded stories of how sucky our lives had been, weather it was mental or physical abuse or some trauma or another and scored free pity hotdogs from the clerk. Awesome.

Funny how our group and other people around us in smaller, not as connected groups still have one major thing in common: We're all fucked up in one way or another and have lost time in life. Another thing, but is minor and isn't always true to everyone is there is a good chance there is some kind of relationship problem in there too. Like, I know no one will 100% know/get/accept me and even if they did, there's the whole thing where I can't contribute in any way so I'd be a worthless person in the relationship (I will not allow myself to be one of those people who has a mate but is the guy who has no job/too low paying of one and is too "sheltered" from how the world works like paying bills or doing taxes).

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