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Journal entry

at first i had a lot to say,
some dream to share and feelings of joy.

nNow no need to speaking here,
knocked down a lot of pegs and just not feeling koovy.

amazin' how one simple word can lead to a small conversation that can just tug at that area, huh? you know that area, right? the one that acts like, a newly stitched up wound, but then there's that one snippit and some of those threads undo, so that hole is pullled open kinda? yeah, kinda like that.

words have meaning. most do not. those that do are overlooked, missread, or just simply ignored. i have a question; why is it everything must absolutly be one way? why? i don't get it. genders can be changed, religious beliefs can be switched, way of home can be moved. but why must there be a quota of what one is?

people speak of destiny, of karma, the life path to lead through time... nothing is set, but some things cannot be changed. nothing is forever, but lead of will won't easily stray.

yet all in all, it is the same. a quota of how one must be to be. not everyone can reach that. not everyone is able to. it can be because you're too weak, or you're not ready to, or sometimes you might have been but due to past events, you're unable to reach it.

not too many people know this, or will admit this is true. very few accept others who aren't up to par with how "people should be". to those people, i thank you for being so open and understanding. it's a nice change then to hear, say, someone try and tell you something to try and relate to you, then pity you for not being one of those people who isn't level with the rest of the world and asumes you speak something you are not when they don't know what the fuck is there.

i hate the Presence and how i cannot change anything. i can deal with how i am, and can kinda get used to hearing that same thing over and over again, but to hear it come from a friend...

....three stiches in, two yanked out....
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