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Oh hi! I remember you =3 Thanks for killing a little of my insides ^^

Years. Maybe four, five, six? Been so long. Finally ran into someone I used to dream about. Years ago, I used to follow someone down through my dreams, going as far as jumping through gates to go from one dream area to another. When I did find her and we talked, it was a great time. I felt happy, and even loved. It was pathedic if you think about it though, since a dream person shouldn't be made up to be used in finding happiness in life. But at that time, I figured I'd never find anyone in my life I could be with. At some point, I quit dreaming about her. It's not like I up and dropped the thought of her. Just, she never showed up anymore.

Sarah was pretty important to me. We chatted about things I did or would do in the waking world. That's pretty cool for me, since I've had some pretty interesting encounters in my dreams through my life. After she left my dreams and things got complicated/weirder in there, I just missed her. After a hair dye mess up, she was left with the hair on her head being a kind of chocolate brown with a tint of pink, rose brown bangs, and being a white kitsune originally, pink fur everywhere else. Pink and rose brown stuck out in my mind. It's why my character sports dye coloring of a similar color. I do like my pink colors, but yeah, sad to say my own coloring selection was based off another.

I got to meet her last night in my dreams. I didn't recognize her. Not at all. Her paws were thicker with smokey grey sharp claws, a thick mane-ish plume of fluff on her shoulders and chest, her fur itself was thicker, rather unkept looking and had like, the scent of wetness and dry moss at the same time. She looked less proper and elegant and more like some feral dire fox creature. Moreso after seeing her teeth to be sharper and having a tinge of yellow that was at the base of them, just next to the gums. I got a good look of her teeth when she friggin tried to pounce atop of me and kill me. After I managed to pry her off of me and eventually figured out who the hell she was, I just, got so damn angry. I just wound up yelling at her, saying how she's lost it, letting, uhh, something or other take her over and now she's almost becoming an alter. It was just a few stages left untill she'd start to go through more grotesque changes and look like something from Silent Hill. That's when she ripped right into my insides, saying "You have NO room to say how much I've lost myself or changed! Look at YOU! You can't even hold yourself together, and you've fallen apart INSIDE! If you had a way to have your outside reflect your inside, you'd be no different and look JUST like me you fucking hypocrite!!!!"


Dreams are awesome. They can make you feel bad too.
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