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Elvis was an alien!!!!

My computer is Dead. D-E-D, dead. First the thing has it's bricking moments, then I move and it's at my mom's house for a month. Now? I get it back, it's been repacked in a different box, the metally bits are corroded/rusting like it suffered water damage, and the insides smelled like wet moldy clothes (that is, when the smell of fried electronics dissipated =C ). I had the preminition it was gonna keel. I looked at it after I pulled it out and seen it look like it traveled through TIME to get to me, and knew it would buy it when some of the connecty parts made a "cleeeeeerch"-like sound of it being possably water damaged as well.

TL;DR: My computer dun fucked up. Iz brokes and broke the record of computer owned by me and WORKING (2005-2009). Rest in peace....

Hopefully my thumbed up monitor (thanks Hitler, for getting EVERY INCH OF THE SCREEN MUCKLED UP WITH THUMB SPOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the important guts of the computer still work enough where it *might* get shoved into newer computer parts to where it'll be like a renivation. I have low expectations personally. I'm not angry/sad that my computer is dead. What kills me is I have *so* many pictures saved on it that I won't get back. Vids, pictures, songs, and Flash files lost prolly.... Good god, Hoodah's, Muzz's, and so many other people's work I had saved in bulk but now lost. It's like how I lost some of Amberdrake's stuff and Fala's things when my second and third computer cacked. *sighs* Aside from that, there's also photoshope 7 and Flash I had running on it that I hope I can get from Kris (or Ace if I can't get Kris to send it... I just don't wanna bug Ace as Kris should already have those programs saved somewhere). THis month I kinda prepared myself to expect the worse, so, yeah... Thousands of pictures lost isn't a big deal. Not compared to one of my computers having a good +4 years of research I worked on personally get lost... *shakes head, ears drooping* And that computer didn't have USB slots so even *if* I could borrow someone's external, I couldn't =C
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