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[A copy/pasta for Facebook]

The following is a message directed to John Andrew and Alex of Bee street:

I believe you guys had blocked me on here, thinking I was a nobody who randomly reported them to get their house investigated by the county. Well, untill I can get this account changed with my other name at the top, I gotta deal with my shitty real name up there. But most people should know another name I go by. Chase. You both sent back messages saying "you don't know OUR side of the story", and Alex said how "this is like high school". Sorry, but when does living like a dirt ball have anything to do with high school? Did you live in a trash dump when you were in high school? If you had, then WHY THE FUCK DO YOU LEAVE YOUR OWN HOUSE LIKE THAT? And if your best argument of being reported is "you don't know MY side of the story" to strangers, then fuck you. Make yourself a case and show me evidence of you not living like some trash hoarder if I never seen the inside of your place. But I *lived* in that shit hole you people had called a home for three months and it felt like six. I KNOW what the fuck the inside of the house was like and how you treated your living space and animals. I have pictures and video documentation of the house, even in a five-day evolution process of when the kitchen was cleaned by Jess until the end of the week when you people kept cluttering things up more and more. You are all a bunch of niggers who deserve to be homeless. Where the FUCK is MY large house I can live in? Where's Shawn's? Why do people like us get small, running down places or have to scrounge and pray for a decent place while people like you have shit handed to you to mess up? ....You all make me sick. Especially John Andrew.

The ONLY dude I feel sorry for was Cartwright (sp?). Guy was clean, had his room in order, he didn't leave a mess anywhere, he cleaned after himself, and knew how to flush a toilet (something half of you guys couldn't grasp), and the guy was super freaken nice and cool. That guy doesn't deserve to be kicked out. But the rest of you, the hell with you. May Her Grace shave your thread. And I hope you all have learned your lesson on making your home a shit den.

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