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Three Star Moon

Random logs of a Raikenfox

25 March 1985
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Time to update this as I am sick of seeing it like this now! I'm a anthro/furry artist, and a Therianthrope. I like anthro/furry stuff so much that it's one of my few goals in life; to draw it and to collect it.

Deviantart has failed me (damn art theives. ...yay for being thieved though! I feel like a real artist now!). I'll be looking for another arts place. ......but don't know if I'll find one. Right now I'm mainly using FA (I don't feel like figuring out how to make the link right now, so just seach for Raiku on it). I'd like to split my arts in three catagories, but so far have only one art place =/ .....anyways....

As for who I am... well... I don't know. I'm complicatively easy and quietly loud. I'm open minded, and fairly judgeless unless provoked. I'll figure out something better to post here when I get artsed up and such.

[bio will be upgraded to better in the future]