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Well, it's nearing the end of October... Haven't done much really. Only new things so far is me, Ace, and Pinko are moving into a friend's house to save up money to get a better place of our own, my computer *might* be fixed soon (hopefully, if the hard drive works that is), and I've been playing some Brutal Legend and Animal Crossing: City Folk when I can. No one plays Animal Crossing really so I kinda took over the town. Pretty much paid off the house debt (just have +4k to go), but I bought an entire Sweets set for my upstairs and have a decent theme set up in the main room and basement (I'm going to work on getting the Modern set to switch upstairs. Right now, it's a sort of Ranch set). Next couple of weeks I'll be axing down the trees with my Silver Axe (they had the fountain and forever couldn't get a silver or gold axe. I try once and get the silver right away. I got gold and gave it to Pinko since she wanted it) and setting up the place with the fruit in different areas of the town. Pic to show plan:

Peaches are the native fruit so that's why it's on the dinky island. The orange house highlighted is my house =B

In more real life stuff: ...I miss everyone back in Bullhead =c The conversations or random debates we had, just hanging out or going to the movies/lake, playing Brawl and Left4Dead a lot... I miss the company and the music and random shenanigans that went on in the house. I haven't been able to catch Shawn online at all, and was lucky to play a whole campaign of Dead Air that one time months ago... Man... it's been far too long. Sometimes it does bother me playing Brutal Legend as it reminds me so much of the time I spent with him, Mike, and Jeremy (as those guys DO like their metal).

At some point, if possible, I'd like to fly back and visit for a while. Or at least fly Shawn here for a month or two. I know he'd hate the flight, but it would be an easier/cheaper way. It'd have to be around this time of year too. It's been 70*F most of the month, 50*F from when it would rain (and it's actual wet rain, not humid mist crap like in Bullhead). Hell, I've been informed Hurst, TX gets like 2 weeks of snow in the winter time (not at once, but still more then Bullhead's ever gotten). Having a place where grass can grow naturally, there are trees instead of oleanders, eucalyptus, or cacti, the weeds here are SUNFLOWERS, and it has actual seasons and weather (which feels a bit odd having it actually cold when it SHOULD BE), I'm sure he'd dig it. At least for the snow and awesome forested park.

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