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Rally HO!

After the blacking out and landing on me face incident, Jess an' folks say I need to get checked up. That means I get to go to the hospital, fill out paperwork if possible, wait around for hours, have the doctor poke, prod, and feel me up (maybe take blood too. ...fucking vampires...), wait around in a Downy paper towel gown, then get an MRI, which either my technological killing touch will break, or the following will result....

Okay, I'm not THAT fat, but fuck, those machines are small for Rayman and I've seen him jump through a chicken wire fence! I'm not incredibly fat, but by golly I'm one pudgy bastard, and I know it's gonna suck being shoved in that can. ...I'll have played the role of biscuit dough D=

Over all that, most likely I'll just be told to eat better, drink more water, and blah blah fucking blah like every other doctor visit I ever had/been to/seen in my life. Yeah. Waking up in the middle of major teeth surgery, having a doctor say my leg will be fine, doctors thinking my mom is fine when she had gangrene somewhere in her and almost killing her, and doctors "extending" my grandmother's shelf life so she can suffer four more years has taught me that the medical world sucks balls and won't help me and my kind. ....so, why am I going to get scanned again?

I will update with results after I get them.
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