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AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh need to update!

Yeah, I forgot to update you majorly yet again LJ. The last time I posted, I said I was going to go to the doctors to get an MRI. Turns out they're expensive and the only way I'd get one is if I passed out again or something happens and I need an emergency scan. So, the question of "is something wrong with me" is still a big question mark.

I don't have any fun and exciting adventures to share in the big time skip from last entry to this one... so, I'll just ramble about what happened tonight.

I seen Harry Potter and the Fifth Sequel, and it felt awkward... You know those important scenes like the one where Harry finds out the gift he got from his late godfather was actually a two-way mirror to let them talk to each other but in a fit of rage he throws it into his truck and breaks it, or pretty much all the important (or any) Dobby scenes that go on through out the books that aren't shown in the movies? I was dreadfully fearful (yes I know what I just wrote) that the double-ending movies would not know how to resolve the story, like, how would Harry be saved by Dobby when he's not only aborted from the movie's story line or how he COULD save Harry since the plot coupon mirror shard wouldn't exist since the movies didn't have it. Turns out, whoever did the newest movie said "fuck that, just do what the books did kinda". So, now, Harry somehow has his plot coupon and Dobby shows up. ....kay? The movie was alright in general, but it did still suffer the problem of "less story/character development, and more pretty scenes". For christ sakes, I groaned at the first ten minutes of the movie because the escape scene at that start somehow manages to shove in a chase scene. No. Really. Think of this, but Harry being driven by Hagrid (I freakin had 'Mona Lisa Overdrive' going on in my head the whole chase scene): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gXDS_ogtgE
Seriously. A 3-4 minute chase scene. As if a 3 minute aerial chase in the sky with folks shooting magic shit at others with friggin sticks wasn't cool or something. By the time they get to the part were the trio learn of the Deathly Hollows, the story telling isn't done in a spooky way, but instead told by Hermione while we're treated to strange exaggerated proportioned folks created in CGI. Some parts were cool looking, I'll admit, but the movie having so much CGI in it while Alan Rickman and Tim Burton's Wife are being paid a good amount of greenbacks just make me wonder why they'd opt for this toony scene. I understand it's being read from a book, but still, no need. Oh well. No 10min chases scene from a dragon or useless Jamaican shrunken head scenes so I can't be too mad. Oh yeah, Bill was thrown in too for the wedding scene like in the book. Remember Bill? Totally awesome guy who punched a werewolf and got mauled but still told Greyback to fuck off because he's such a pimp? Yeah, not in the other movies, but *poof* there he is. Poor actor... He just walks in, says one line, then falls off the plot. I think I did see George Washington in the background at the wedding... Or maybe a Brittish Cap'n Crunch...

As we get home, I filled the house with irony as just as Jess downstairs proclaimed that we'll be moving out of this shitty apartment soon and things will be better, I cut in from upstairs with cries of "no no no fucking fuck damn". I saw a few people say that Leslie Neilson was dead, and I headed over to deadoraliveinfo.com and sure enough, he was listed =c I still say Bob Barker should have died before him.

Don't know what else to say now... Head's not feeling right and it's late. But I haven't forgotten you LJ, and I'll try again to post in you more. I know only like, three people really read this thing, but it's still nice to update. I feel a bit better doing at least this entry. Time to end this entry with zazz... First, something I could see Shawn totally doing. Don't deny it. You know you would. Maybe not this song, but you know what I mean =B

And something that reminds me of Mike and what wacky adventures he could have had at the AMPM but never told us.

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